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mayo-wells media workshop

web samples

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Screen capture of accessibility consulting sample

Accessibility consulting sample

Following the acquistion of a competitor the client (a Forbes "200 Best Small Companies List"-ranked corporation) relaunched their web site. The addition of new Federal government customers imposed requirements for accessibility. HTML and CSS templates were developed to integrate with an existing Web content management system. The redesign allowed over 30,000 documents to be included in the new site without the need for editing or reformatting individual documents.
  • Lead HTML programmer: HTML and CSS templates.
Screen capture of dynamic web site sample

Small business dynamic site

This web site for a Boston-area jazz musician includes a Flash-based music player. The client can update performance dates, press clips, and other information from a web-based interface without having to use HTML.
  • CSS, DHTML, CSS, Flash, and PHP programming. Graphic design by kazzmedia
Screen capture of static web site sample

Small business static site

This web site for a Boston-area interior/kitchen/bath designer displays Flash animations of living spaces if the browser has Flash installed. If not, it displays still photgraphs instead.
(1024x768 resolution recommended)
  • CSS, DHTML, and Flash programming. Graphic design and photo retouching.
Screen capture of server-based e-Learning sample

Accessible Server-based e-Learning

Sample of an e-Learning course developed for the Federal Highway Administration's National Highway Institute. The audience included organizations without resource to purchase new computers frequently; the course only requires a screen resolution of 640x480. JavaScript is used to provide some visual enhancements but isn't required; all of the interactivity is programmed on the server. The course includes accessibility enhancements for Section 508 compliance.
The live version of the course runs under a learning management system using ASP; this sample was reprogrammed in PHP.
  • Lead programmer: ASP and Flash programming, some JavaScript, quality control, documentation, and code-standardization of HTML/JavaScript. A beta version of this product was completed prior to MWMW's involvement; MWMW was responsible for implementing features not included in the beta as well as defect resolution. PHP conversion was performed by MWMW subsequent to original project completion.
Screen capture of browser-based e-Learning sample

Accessible Browser-based e-Learning

Sample of an e-Learning course on Risk Management developed for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This course was distributed on CD-ROM as well as over Intranets; it had to function without any server component. Content was written in Microsoft Word documents, and MWMW developed a custom tool to build interactive web pages directly from the Word documents. The course includes accessibility enhancements for Section 508 compliance.
(This sample makes use of features specific to Internet Explorer and will not function in other browsers; it also requires cookies for tracking)
  • Lead programmer: VBA Macro site-builder tool; CSS; HTML templates; Flash templates; custom JavaScript; accessibility enhancements.
Screen capture of e-Learning instructional simulation sample

e-Learning Instructional Simulation

Sample of interactive simulation exercises drawn from a lesson on Infection Control in Biological Warfare originally developed for the US Navy. The course includes accessibility enhancements for Section 508 compliance.
(Note: All material in this course was unclassified.)
  • Programmer: VBA Macro tool for automated site build/maintenance; CSS; HTML; Flash; custom JavaScript; accessibility enhancements.
Screen capture of arcade game sample

Flash-based arcade game

This recreation of an early 80's style arcade game was developed as an exercise in object-oriented Flash programming. The game file is less than 25K.
  • All programming, graphic, and sound design.

Several of these products were developed in conjunction with client and/or consulting organizations. The exact role of MWMW team members and specific work performed by MWMW are noted with each item.

Some of MWMW's development work has been performed under nondisclosure agreements that safeguard proprietary content or trade secrets. These samples have been modified to remove any material that could be inappropriate for public distribution.