ye olde mr. pathetic, him be a terrible photographer, partly in a technical sense of course, but also because i'm not super comfortable at sticking cameras in people's faces. so i'm including a couple really substandard shots because they're the only ones i have that showed this or that feg. click on any of the thumbnails for a larger image. please send your comments and corrections along to me.

(L to R) LJ, Scary Mary and J Katherine observe the grill on the back deck of Quail Manse
(L to R) Natalie, Tom's wife Coleen, Tom Clark, Tom's friends John and Carla, Gene Hopestetter, LJ (foreground), Gene's wife April (back to camera, helping with grill), Mary
(L to R) Mike Runion, Mike's friend Tom (who is not a feg but should be and who does many things well: e.g., brews beer, plays guitar, builds fires) LJ (fg)
i was so impressed with Natalie's prowess with aluminum foil sculpting that i took several photographs as Natalie constructed, from memory, a representation of Elder God Cthulhu with nothing more than roughly a square foot of aluminum foil. The entire process took about three minutes. Later she made a headless Liam and an Oscar Wilde.
it begins.
The Great Quail averts his gaze from an image of the god in a nascent state.
Natalie's hands are almost quicker than the eye can follow as claws begin to emerge from the foil.
(LJ and T.G.Quail foreground, L to R) look on as Scary Mary watches for interlopers.
The completed product defends someone's beer (quite possibly some of Tom's, judging by the colour). "Wings are the hardest," says Natalie.
Was it eldritch energy emanating from the Quail that so altered the image, or mere photographic overexposure? Careful image processing reveals the presence of a massive, hideous eye either held by or perhaps actually attached in some hideous fashion to LJ, as well as the image of a malevolent rabbit of unknown purpose.
(These photographs by Tom, who does a great many things well, but does not necessarily number among them operation of complex and unfamiliar photographic equipment, blurrily explained by pathetic drunken individuals.)
A gathering of Fegs: (Top row, L to R) Gene H., S. Mary, Mike R., pathetic doug, Woj (that's a long O), Chris G. (Bottom row, L to R) LJ, Quail, Bayard, Natalie, April
The Eye and the Rabbit revealed.


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